Experience the Magic of Westpunt

Playa Fòrti

Playa Fòrti is a nice sandy beach with small pebbles and restaurant located nearby. There is a spot where one can make a 33 foot jump from a cliff into the sea, take the plunge if you dare!

Playa Piskadó

Playa Piskadó , also known as Playa Grandi (Big Beach), is a beach frequented in large part by local families. Snorkelers and divers also visit often to swim among the many beautiful turtles that call these waters home.

Shete Boka

The literal English translation of Shete Boka is ‘seven mouths’ but in this instance it means ‘seven inlets’. This park owes its name to its series of picturesque coves that have been carved out of the limestone by the sea along its 6 miles stretch of coastline.


Christoffelpark is a national park and protected nature area surrounding Christoffelberg, Curaçao’s highest peak. If you’re planning on scaling the mountain make sure you take plenty of water and beat the sun to the peak!

Santa Martha

Santa Martha Bay is the perfect place to spend the day if you want some quality family time or just a romantic get away. The area is surrounded by beautiful nature, perfect for charming snapshots.

Blue Room Cave

The Blue Room Cave is one of Curaçao’s most famous snorkeling spots and it is an experience that always exceeds expectations. Fun fact: it was originally known as Boka Fluit (Flute Cove) due to the whistling sounds it tends to emit as the water splashes against the rocks.

Playa Jeremi

Playa Jeremi is famous for its turquoise blue waters and there are plenty of wooden parasols to protect you from the rays of the midday sun. It is also worth your while to linger there until late in the day as that is when the exceptionally clear waters truly sparkle.

Playa Lagun

Playa Lagun owes its name to the similarly named village near where it is located in a small bay. It is very popular with snorkelers, divers and fisherman and is often used as a starting point for snorkeling and diving excursions.